New Ready Will County App

If disaster strikes, make sure your phone is charged. Will County residents can now have important local numbers, communication plans and emergency notifications at their fingertips with the Ready Will County App.

The app was rolled out a few weeks ago by the Emergency Management Office in an attempt to make emergency and nonemergency services accessible to residents, said Brenda Lutz, the emergency management agency’s deputy director for preparedness.


“If a tornado warning is issued at 2 a.m. your phone will beep. If a severe thunderstorm warning is issued, your phone will display the info, but not wake you up,” Lutz said as an example.

Lutz noted that nothing should replace a NOAA weather radio, but instead the app should be an alternative for those who don’t have one.

Other key features of the app include a family preparedness disaster plan that can be shared among family members. The app also shows key addresses and phone numbers for local hospitals, polling places, veterinarian clinics, police and fire stations, and cooling centers.

The Morning Star Mission on 350 E. Washington St. is among one of the local cooling locations listed for the Joliet area.

The director of development at the Mission, Eloise Crabb, said that the level of technology is fantastic.

“I think it’s going to bring more awareness to the services we offer besides the cooling center as well. We are also a heating center in the wintertime,” Crabb said.

There are other counties in Illinois that have similar apps, but Lutz said she is most proud of the disaster plan within the app. Another aspect of the app is the ability to let friends and family privately know if you are OK and the phone’s ping location.

The EMA worked with multiple agencies to make information accessible to everyone through the app. Lutz said it’s been a labor of love for the past year as the office put it together.

Ready Will County has received 540 downloads so far and is downloadable in the Apple and Google Play stores.


Source: The Herald News