Administrative Overview

The Channahon Fire Protection District is comprised of those resources needed for Life Safety Education, Fire inspection and Prevention, Fire Suppression, Training, Emergency Medical Services, Vehicular Rescue, Water Rescue and Dive, Technical Rescue, and Fire Investigation.

The Channahon Fire Protection District serves about 8,500 residents within 40 square miles. Fire suppression and emergency medical services are delivered using one staffed Engine and Ambulance at Station #1 and jump company (3 firefighter/paramedics staff 2 vehicles based on incident type) at Station #2. Supplemental callback staffing provides additional staffing to a squad, water tender, and snorkel on specific incidents.

Due to the complex hazards of water rescue and industry, specialty teams such as C.A.R.T (Combined Area Response Team) and Water & Dive Rescue are maintained and active within our mutual aid agreements.

The Fire District also has certified Fire Investigators that provide post fire investigation with the fire district and are active with the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS) Fire Investigations Unit Division 15. In addition, the Fire District has entered into several automatic aid and mutual aid agreements within our MABAS group to broaden the available resources and establish rapid deployment to various emergencies.

The District is comprised of nine (9) contract  Firefighter/Paramedics, and fifteen (15) District Firefighter/Paramedics, Fire Chief, Deputy Chief, Executive Fire Support Manager, part-time Administrative Assistant, Cooperative Community Educator (shared with Minooka Fire Protection District), part-time Fire Inspector, Cooperative Information Technology Specialist (shared with Channahon Park District), and Emergency Vehicle technician.

To effective serve the community, the District has two staffed stations. Station #1 is located at 24929 S. Center Street, and Station #2 is located at 23341 W, McClintock Road. These stations are staffed 24/7 with Firefighter/Paramedics.