Car Seat Safety

The Channahon Fire Protection District staffs 3 certified Car Seat Technicians to assist and educate the community regarding proper car safety seat use and installation. Child safety seat installations can be done when a certified technician is on duty and available. Inspections and installations by appointment.

Please call (815) 467-6767 to schedule your car seat inspection!

General Inspection Information

How long does an appointment last?
-An appointment will last approximately 30-45 minutes. You will be instructed on the function of your seat, proper fit and installation for your vehicle, and how to secure your child in the seat appropriately.

What should I bring to an appointment?
-1: The child (unless your are pregnant or cannot safely travel with the child)
-2: The car seat’s owner’s manual.
-3: Your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

Please ensure you have prepared the seat for installation, which means removing the seat from the box and plastic wrapping, etc.

Why are installations by appointment only?
-To ensure a certified car seat technician is on site for the appointment.

Why should we have our car seat(s) installed by a trained technician?
-Each vehicle, seat belt and car seat presents a unique and sometimes challenging situation. Having your seat(s) checked y a trained technician will lower the chance of your children being unnecessarily injured in a crash.

Where can I get more information until my scheduled appointment?
-Visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration site at  or Safe Kids USA at for more help.


Feel free to call us with any additional questions at (815) 467 -6767 and request to speak with a certified car seat technician.