Fire Fighter Cindy

Hi, Junior Firefighters!

This is the place to be! There are some great websites below for fire safety games and tips just for kids. You can also download your Safety Drill Homework pages here too.  Just click on the one you need and get practicing!


Firefighter Cindy

hydrantA                     tornadoA                 earthquakeA

Home Fire Drill                             Tornado Drill                                                  Earthquake  Drill


Download the "Firefighter Cindy" Coloring page!

Download PDF


Channahon Junior High Video Program

Waiver Form                Rules 

Registration Form       Judging Rubric


sparkylogo                                           firepup

Sparky the Fire Dog                                                Fire Pup


smokey                                          sprinkler2

Smokey the Bear                                                 Sprinkler Smarts for Kids




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