Medication Disposal

Medication Take Back Program

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Why is Medicine Disposal a Concern?

The Three Main Hazards Are:

  1. Possible poisoning from accidental ingestion, particularly among young children and pets, if medicines are thrown in the trash.
  2. Illegal use or theft, including identity theft from discarded containers providing personal patient information.
  3. Contamination of water resources, which can result in reproductive and developmental problems in fish and other aquatic wildlife if medicines are flushed or placed in the trash.

Disposal Dos and Don’ts Do:

  1. Return unwanted/expired medicines to pharmacies and other locations participating in take-back programs.
  2. Bring only residentially generated medication items.
  3. Please follow directions at the drop-off site. Only give medications to the pharmacy or drop-off site personnel.
  4. This is not a share or reuse opportunity. All medications received will be destroyed in the most environmentally sound manner possible.
  5. Bring Sharps in Appropriate Containers

Do Not:

  1. Flush down the sink drain or toilet.
  2. Place in the trash.
  3. Give or sell to others

Drop Off Sites:

Minooka Police Department
121 McEvilly Road
Minooka, IL 60447

Morris Police Department
200 East Chapin Street
Morris, IL 60450

Coal City Pharmacy
175 South Broadway Street
Coal City, IL 60416

Grundy County Coroner’s Office
1320 Union Street
Morris, IL 60450
* Please be aware that all labels from medications will be destroyed and the bottles recycled through the Grundy County Coroner’s Take-Back Program.