History & Heritage


Channahon Fire Department Established

July 28, 1950

The Channahon Fire Department was established on July 28th 1950. The first five trustees were:
– John N. Westerveld
– Steve Rittof
– John J. Dollinger
– Robert J. Lamping
– Lawrence R. Jeffery

First Elected Officers

August 31, 1950

The first five officers were elected on August 31, 1950;
– Steve Rittof as Fire Chief
– Everett McCoy as Fire Assistant
– L.W. Piercy as Second Assistant
– Maurice Frederick as Captain
– Charles Crawford as Lieutenant


First Building Constructed
The first building began construction in 1951 at the intersection of Center and Jessup.


Fire Protection District Established
The Fire Protection District was established in 1960 and covered 40sq miles.


Fire Protection Vehicles Purchased
The Fire Protection District purchased three fire protection vehicles in 1965.


Dive Team Established
In 1978, The Fire Protection District established the rescue dive team.

New Station Opened
In 1978, the Fire Protection District opened a new station at 24929 Center Street.


First Full-Time EMT-I
In 1985 the first full-time EMT-I’s were hired working eight (8) hour shifts.


First Full-Time Paramedics
In 1995, full-time paramedics were hired to work twenty-four hour shifts.


First Full-Time Fire Chief
In 2000, David Riddle was hired s the District’s first full-time Fire Chief.