In Omnia Paratus


The fire service prides itself on preparing its people, resources, and mission to intervene during a resident’s or business’s worst time.  Our commitment is to safeguard you, your family, or business using proactive principles such as operational deployment planning, life safety education, fire code enforcement, and tactical pre-incident emergency planning.  Even with these established resources, accidents will happen, people will still fall ill, and disasters will strike unannounced.

The latin phrase “in omina paratus” means “ready for all things.”

We remain vigilant in our readiness and strive to prepare ourselves for all things that we may be called to respond.  Emergency service delivery has become more dynamic than ever with those aspects of society which challenge us as communities.  We stand ready for all things so you may have the comfort of knowing you reside in a community which is armed with well-trained men and women who are ready to serve you at your worst moment.  It is our honor and duty to do so.